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High School Yearbooks shed light on Alumni

The Stuyvesant High School that my father attended was the breeding ground for FOUR Nobel Laureates [ Roald Hoffmann (1955), Joshua Lederberg (1940), Richard Axel (1963),Robert Fogel (1944)], the current Attorney General Holder, a handful of U.S. Senators, celebrities such … Continue reading

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May 18, 1940

Pictured below is just one of the 872,406 fabulous vintage photos recently released by New York City’s Department of Records as reported in this article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2134408/Never-seen-photos-100-years-ago-tell-vivid-story-gritty-New-York-City.html That link only offers a glimpse at some of the more riveting pics;  you … Continue reading

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Then and Now…old photos tell a story

Notice the small number above the doorway entrance to this “mom and pop” shop: #840.  What else does this picture tell us?  It’s a grocery store, presumably owned by the man in the center.  Jello and Lipton’s Tea were already … Continue reading

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You make me feel so young

Can you see the resemblance? I was given the photo of the young Larry, age 3, on the left.  The reverse was marked with his full name and the date the photo was taken.  I found the college yearbook photo, … Continue reading

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Vintage photos lead you on treasure hunts

For years, I’d been led to believe that this shop had been located on Clinton Street on New York’s Lower East Side.  Although 550 Clinton St. is a bona fide address, researching a 1916 city directory led me to this … Continue reading

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