The Family Tree

People are fascinated by family trees.

This is an enormous tree (~16 feet in length) that I created for a large family gathering to honor my son. The large blue dot represents him, and the boxes to the left of that represent all the relatives on his father’s side. Those to the right represent my side of the family. The top section of my side, shown is shades of pink/purple are my mother’s family, starting with my great-great grandparents at the top.  The lower portion, in blue hues, represents my father’s branch, with those great-great grandparents at the bottom.  In all, there are nearly 800 names represented.  Many of those people were in attendance and could see exactly how they were related to one another.

I have devised a way of digitizing your information into this format, so that you, too, may have a comprehensive family tree.  Please contact me for more information.

Family tree on display at family gathering

© 2012 Copyright Billie Elias

About Billie Tekel Elias

Author of upcoming book, Pearl's Party...and you're invited.
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