Google is there to be used, people

One of my most astonishing heart-wrenching finds was an entire family who perished in the Holocaust.  I had read the family letter that explained how George’s sister had run away from Paris to an undisclosed hiding place with her baby. Other letters mentioned the baby’s first name, but I had no knowledge of the married surname of George’s sister.  A simple Google search for “french child  daniele” led me directly to Serge Klarsfeld’s book “French Children of the Holocaust: A Memorial” where on page 467 he reports that Daniele Bauer was born in Paris in 1939 (the date fit with what I knew from the letter) and her parents  fled Paris for Limoges.  He also states that in February 1944 the whole family was arrested and deported on March 7, 1944 on convoy #69 and taken to Auschwitz.  She was gassed along with her maternal grandparents and her uncle.  All those pieces fit with what I knew from the letter, especially since no one in this family had been heard from after the war.

As tragic and horrific as the story was, it was a piece of the puzzle now completed.  There would be additional information, now that I knew the surname, of the parents.  The uncle and grandparents names were already known, and now confirmed at the Yad Vashem site which lists Holocaust victims.

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