You make me feel so young

Can you see the resemblance?

I was given the photo of the young Larry, age 3, on the left.  The reverse was marked with his full name and the date the photo was taken.  I found the college yearbook photo, on the right, of a Larry with the same name.  I calculated the year the younger would have graduated from college (18 years hence) and the dates matched.

I noticed the similar smile, similar hairline, similar slant of the right eyebrow.  I tracked down the current day Larry and confirmed that these were both him!  Now my client is in touch with the grandson of his grandmother’s best friend.

© 2012 Copyright Billie Elias

About Billie Tekel Elias

Author of upcoming book, Pearl's Party...and you're invited.
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One Response to You make me feel so young

  1. Jill S says:

    definitely! the dimples, even the ears match.

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