Vintage photos lead you on treasure hunts

For years, I’d been led to believe that this shop had been located on Clinton Street on New York’s Lower East Side.  Although 550 Clinton St. is a bona fide address, researching a 1916 city directory led me to this entry, confirming that the shop was actually on East 13th Street.

lower east side barbershop

A visit to East 13th Street provided me with a current-day look at similar storefronts, seen here.

Notice the many signs in the barbershop window.  This union shop proudly announced that it carried Gramatan Dandruff Remedy. (Such a fancy bottle for such odious unguent, don’t you agree?)  This stuff was also available if you collected 30 “certificates” from your United Cigar packs.  Coupons and certificates that came with chewing gum and tobacco products could be redeemed at emporiums like the original redemption center on Fifth Avenue between 45th and 45th Streets in Manhattan.

Gramatan Dandruff Remedy

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