Error in digitizing WWII draft cards

How do I find these errors????  Errors, errors, everywhere!  Here’s the WWII draft card of the father of one of my clients.  She had shown me a picture of her dad; I knew he wasn’t a tall man.  Yet, the reverse of his draft card said he was 5’11”.  It also said he registered at Local Board No. 12 in Allegheny County, but the front of his card shows he lived in Philadelphia.

Any map will show you that Allegheny County is on the western side of Pennsylvania, but Philadelphia is hundreds of miles east.  Further research found the next person on the microfilm to also have an incorrect match from front of card to back.  In fact, that entire roll of microfilm was incorrectly digitized,  AB, BC, CD instead of BB, CC, etc.

The top image shows what the archives offered, the lower image shows the corrected version I was able to provide my client, showing the subject at his true height of 5’6″ and the correct Local Board No. 3 in Philadelphia.

© 2012 Copyright Billie Elias


About Billie Tekel Elias

Author of upcoming book, Pearl's Party...and you're invited.
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