Announcing a new genealogy blog

With the launch of a new business comes the launch of a new blog.

The subject: GENEALOGY

Genealogy has recently become a hot, hot, hot topic with the t.v. show “Who Do You Think You Are?” showcasing the genealogical research involved in tracing ones roots/routes.

This has been my avocation since I was in high school when I entered a story-telling contest.  I had interviewed my grandfather about how he came to America and who was with him on the journey.  Additionally, I was fortunate to have a father (now age 91+) who is a fount of knowledge about our extended family, and a bunch of distant cousins who had archived all the ephemera from their collective pasts.

Although the bug had bitten me a long time ago,  it wasn’t until my son’s bar mitzvah was imminent, that I realized how interesting it would be to create a family tree showing all our relatives and how they were related to my son.  The legal pad-sized sheets of paper I had taped together years before was no longer adequate, now that the family tree had grown to over 800 members.  My tech-literate son taught me how to display the entire tree digitally on my computer, so I could have a continuous digitized scroll to replace all that messy paper.  That scroll, when printed on paper, was in excess of 16 feet in length!

My goal in this blog will be to keep you abreast of the work I am doing for my own family, as well as those of my clients.  Perhaps you will want to explore your own birthright.

About Billie Tekel Elias

Author of upcoming book, Pearl's Party...and you're invited.
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